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This website is all about the ways in which we use yarn. How we manufacture so many different items from yarn. Everyone has a favourite way: knitting, crochet, weaving, and so on. We all like to learn more about these crafts. On this site there is plenty of free knowledge for all to use. You can help others by setting out your ideas, your projects, your tips.

Share your knowledge and experience with us all. No matter how large or small, tell the rest of us all about it. Fill in the form below and you will be able to see your writing, photo, video appear on its own page on this website.

Let’s start then:

  1. Write a short descriptive title that will draw people to your page.
  2. Write out your article in a text document on your computer. You’ll find this easier than writing straight into the message box. When it is ready you can copy and paste it into the message box.
  3. Write your piece in the way that you would talk to us. Just get it all down before thinking about tidying it up. Then don’t fuss it.
  4. You can attach photos, diagrams, patterns to illustrate your article and help us all to understand exactly what you are telling us.
  5. If you want to show us a video please upload this to YouTube or other video sharing site and then send us the link so that we can embed it on your page.
  6. Keep your original writing safe.

Of course, everything that you send to us must be yours. It must not be copied from another source.

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