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Size Charts

Patterns for items of clothing are usually written for several sizes. Throughout the pattern these sizes are listed in the same order. Normally the smallest is given first with all other appearing within brackets separated by commas. You will probably find it easier to follow along if you ring the size when you start so that you remember throughout, especially if you need to leave your work for a while at any time during the making.

The biggest difficulty with knitting and crochet patterns is that there is absolutely no consistency of measurement. Also there is not standardisation of what measurements each size is supposed to be. The hardest to understand are the patterns which say that they are for sizes small, medium and large without explaining exactly what these terms mean. The best advice is that you read everything about the sizing within the pattern itself in order to get the tiniest inkling what is meant.

There is usually a difference in body measurement and actual finished measurement of the garment. A pattern will often state that a particular size will fit a chest of a specific size. Some will be of a snug fit and some will be roomy.

Even when sizes appear to be standardised such as women’s sizes 8, 10, 12 and so on these can vary up to a couple of inches and that becomes a bigger difference when the sizes originate in other countries.

OK so much for the pessimistic outlook. It won’t take you long to discover how to decide on which sizes to knit or crochet in each pattern that you choose. Look at the tension either in the pattern or on the yarn band and you will be told how many stitches to so many centimetres. In this way you will be able to gauge for yourself what the likely measurements are likely to be.

Size Chart for Babies, Toddlers and Young Children

Size of child
Actual size
of garment
Newborn14in / 36cm16in / 41cm
0-3 months16in / 41cm18in / 46cm
3-6 months18in / 46cm20in / 51 cm
6-12 months20in / 51cm22in / 56cm
1-2 years22in / 56cm24in / 61cm
3-4 years24in / 61 cm26in / 66cm
5-6 years26in / 66cm28in / 71cm