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How to Make Crafts to Sell

In this article we consider the way we present our products. If the stall looks great and the packaging brilliant then it gives the feeling of fantastic products being offered. You know that all your products are top class and good value. This needs to be relayed to prospective buyers.

Packaging Ideas

By Kirsten Taylor

So, you want to know how to make crafts to sell. Well this is a question that has a myriad of answers. From the basics of your chosen craft like beading or card-making to selling venues and beyond it all comes down to having a product to sell and marketing that product for the most profit.

After deciding on your specialty, pricing, branding and outlets there is but one thing left to consider; the packaging. When it comes to making and selling crafts not much thought is given to the packaging. But sometimes the packaging can be just as appealing as the product itself. If you are thinking of that familiar light blue box tied with a white satin ribbon than you know what I mean. The packaging you choose is also a great way to market the brand you have created for yourself.

Perhaps you have a friend that loves knitting and crocheting. You could purchase small sacks from her in your signature color to place your jewelry in for sale. Now, not only do you have a joint business venture, but you add a unique touch to your line of personal accessories.

Maybe like most homeowners in spring you find yourself at the home improvement store every weekend to pick up supplies for your garden or other project. Well before you head to the register take a stroll through the paint aisle and pick up a few paint swatches. With a few simple score marks and cuts of an X-acto knife you can fold them into adorable boxes for your wares.

If you are a retro-girl you can have fun taking inspiration from the past. Browse yard sales, thrift and antique stores for ideas and samples or browse online. Another option is to hit the cosmetics counter. A certain make-up line comes to mind when it comes to the benefit of eye-catching kitschy packaging. To keep it simple, a great idea for you vintage vixens out there is to stamp or print your brand name with vintage type on small brown paper bags. Tap a stamping or scrapbooking friend if you do not have your own stamps or type sets, and don’t forget to use basic muted colors for that fresh from the fifties appeal. This will work extremely well if your craft incorporates vintage items.

Creating and using great packaging can and will increase your sales which is your ultimate goal. And a package design that can double as gift wrapping will save your buyer time and do-double duty marketing. After all presenting someone special with that telltale blue box is just as fun as receiving what is inside. No one needs to ask where you found the item because from the package alone they already know where they can get their own.

Yes, learning how to make crafts to sell can be daunting because of everything it entails. You’ve got to take it one step at a time and with a unique product, prime selling venue(s), and market appropriate pricing you are pretty well set. Just don’t forget the packaging. A clear plastic bag is boring. A cleverly designed package can increase sales and become iconic in its own right just like that famous little blue box.

Author Kirsten Taylor is a passionate, beading enthusiast and owner of Best Beading Secrets a home-crafting online store that offers customers not only easy to follow tutorials, but insider tips and hints that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you want to learn how to bead and create fabulous jewelry yourself or discover the secrets of experts in the field, there is a lot of helpful advice and information to take advantage of and make designer accessories. Click today and indulge your creative side.

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