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Checklist for Craft Fairs

When you take a space at a craft show you will need to make sure that you take everything that you need with you. Check the size of space being provided plus the equipment that will be given you. The equipment is often just a table – check the size of this beforehand. Work out how you are going to display your products before you go and then make sure that you have with you the necessary equipment to replicate this.

Check also that you will have access to the electricity supply. The right lighting can really add a special something to your display.

A day on your feet is very long and there will be lulls in the traffic when you will want to sit down. Take folding chairs with you. Yes, chairs. You are going to have someone else with you for at least part of the time aren’t you?

In addition to tables and chairs, you will need the following:

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  1. list of stock
  2. products
  3. price tickets
  4. cash box / bag
  5. change (coins & small notes)
  6. receipt book
  7. calculator
  8. pen/pencil/marker pens
  9. tape measure
  10. scissors
  11. pad of notepaper
  12. business cards / flyers
  13. bags and/or wrapping paper
  14. table covering – plenty so there is enough for any size
  15. boxes for presenting varying levels
  16. display racks
  17. your “store” sign
  18. notice board
  19. tissues / wet wipes
  20. bin bags
  21. extension cord for electricity supply
  22. lighting
  23. camera with charged batteries
  24. collection of tools for various tasks

For outdoor craft fairs you will need additional bits and pieces to deal with sun or rain

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  1. sunglasses
  2. sunscreen
  3. mosquito repellant
  4. gazebo or tent
  5. rope
  6. plastic covering (in case of rain)
  7. weights to hold flimsy items down in the event of wind
  8. umbrella
  9. hat

Whether you are indoors or outdoors you will need the following

  1. Cool box
  2. drinks
  3. packed lunch and snacks
  4. Warm clothing that can be removed (have somewhere to store – I’ve known of such clothing mistakenly being sold!

During the day make notes of all the items you should have taken with you but didn’t. We all see the need for certain things which would make the running of a craft stall so much more comfortable and efficient. There are so many little things that you will add to your collection of tools – get your self a suitable box in which to keep all the smaller items and print out an inventory to stick in the lid.

After a few craft fairs you will be able to gather up all the necessary items and products and pack them in the car in no time. You will also be able to set up in double quick time when you arrive at the venue.

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