Reading Knitting Patterns

In order to follow a printed knitting pattern it is necessary to have some understanding of the abbreviations used. ¬†Listed below are some of the most common. ¬†You will find variations of these and also some that appear only in that one pattern which you have decided to use. Don’t worry. The brochure itself will explain the abbreviations which have been included.

st.ststocking stitch - one row knit, one row purl. This will give you a piece of knitting which is smooth on one side and ridged on the other.
yfwdyarn forward
yrnyarn round needle
m1make one (stitch)
s1, k1, pssoSlip one stitch from the left needle to the right but don't knit it. Then knit the next stitch. With the left needle lift the unknitted stitch up and over the knitted stitch. This is a very neat way of decreasing.
k2tog tblKnit two stitches together through the back of the loop. This decreases the stitches but in a way that looks ver neat.

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