How to Knit – 2

On the page How to Knit – 1 we looked at the the simple stitches on which all knitting is based. If you have learned these thoroughly you are ready to move on. This page contains videos showing you how to increase and decrease stitches. This is what makes the shapes you need to produce a garment

How to Knit Increases

Knit Front and Back (kfb), Purl Front and Back (pfb)

¬†Increasing doesn’t usually happen on every row as in this video. This is just for information purposes. Your pattern will tell you to increase at each end of every fourth row, or sixth row, or whatever. However, this type of increase is super easy to count so should be relatively simple for you when following your pattern.

Knit Easy!

How to Knit Decreases

Knit 2 Together – k2tog

This video shows how to make a right slanting decrease

Knit Easy!

How to Knit Decreases

ssk aka slip slip knit decrease

This video shows how to make a left slanting decrease

Now you should be ready to face most patterns


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