How to Knit – 1

I am attempting to gather suitable videos to help the beginner learn to knit. If you follow what is happening on screen with your own needles and yarn you should soon be able to produce your own items.

How to Knit – The Basics

With this video you will learn how to Cast On, knit rows, and Bind off  (Cast Off) to complete a simple project. The instructions are very clear and concise. So much in just over six minutes. You can keep playing the video over and over again until you manage to work alone.

Knit Easy!

How to Knit – the Purl Stitch

There are two common stitches when knitting: plain and purl. In the first video we looked at the plain or knit stitch which produces garter stitch when the whole piece is just plain (or knit) stitch. In this video we are looking at the way to make the purl stitch. When the knit rows alternate with the purl rows the finished piece is called stocking stitch (or stockinette stitch)

Knit Easy!

How to Knit – Rib/Ribbed Fabric

With the first two videos on this page you have learned to produce garter stitch and stocking stitch now you are going to learn about putting the knit and purl stitches together in each row to produce rib. This is used where we want a garment to pull in and fit snuggly, usually at the neck, cuffs and waist. This gives a nice looking finish too.

The rib is usually thought of as one knit stitch, one purl stitch alternating across each row – or k1, p1 – or rib x1. It can be in various combinations such as x2 or k2, p2. However, once you have learned what to do and how it should look then you will be able to cope with whatever the pattern tells you.

Now you have learned all the stitches necessary to produce a garment. There are a few other things you need to know, mainly about shaping the pieces and the assembling and finishing of the work. I will put this information on other pages so that you will be able to achieve a high standard of work.


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