Free Scarf Pattern

Your First Knitted Creation

So you want to start knitting. Well a scarf is the most easy item there is. This pattern is so straightforward that you will be able to learn to knit as you go along. The whole thing is produced in garter stitch. Watch this video.

Equipment and supplies needed

Size 4mm knitting needles

4 – 5 100gms balls double knitting yarn

It may be that you can persuade someone to let you have some odd balls of yarn that they have leftover. It’s often possible to pick up bundles of yarn in charity shops. In such a scarf the different colours can be fun.

The actual design of your scarf is an individual preference.

Decide on a width – 22 stitches will give you about 10 cms. So how wide do you want your scarf to be? Just work on multiples of 22 stitches eg 2 x 22 (44) = 20 cms.

The length can depend on how much yarn you have at your disposal or a particular measurement. Those stitches worked in rows will give you 10 cms for every 30 rows.

Obviously these measurements cannot be exact because they will depend upon the actual thickness of the yarn which varies according to type and make. The measurements will also vary according to your own knitting tension.

However, this is a scarf and will not need to fit exactly. You will learn about your tension this time for projects in the future.

Knitting Instructions

Cast on 44 stitches (or the number you choose)  See video

All rows will be knit

Work until scarf measures the length you have decided upon.

Cast off

If you have several colours you will need to work these in as you go. Work out beforehand which order you wish to see in the finished article as you will want contrast rather than clash!

Want to make a fringe?

Cut pieces of yarn from each colour with a length of about 12 cms. Take three or four strands of mixed colours – fold them in half to form a loop, then with a crochet hook pull the loop through the cast on or cast off edge of the scarf. Draw the loose ends through the loop. Pull until it makes a tight knot.

Space these evenly across the full width at both ends of the scarf

Now wear it or give it away as a gift and get on with your next project.


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