Christmas Jumper Day

Save the Children is organising a Christmas Jumper Day to take place on Friday, 14th December.

What’s it all about? Well, basically, just get out a jumper and wear it on 14th. You can then make a donation yourself or get others to sponsor you to wear it. Better yet, get others to wear their jumpers along with you.

Save the Children have got Debbie Bliss and T Bramsden to design special Christmassy jumper patterns. These are great but there is very little time to knit one up. I’m already up to my eyes with other projects that all seem to have the same deadline – before Christmas! Although….I do rather like the snowflake one.

One of the other ideas to get hold of a jumper if you have nothing suitable is to go to the local Save the Children Shop and buy one. Now that is a win, win, win.

Anyway, I’ve signed up and am awaiting the promised fund raising kit.

If you have decided to have a go at knitting one of the designs, please do tell us how you get on and perhaps let us see a photo of the finished product. Perhaps you would like to take up a full page here at YARN today – write an article about how you marked Christmas Jumper Day – don’t forget the photos of what happened! Click Here to go to article submission page.

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