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Don’t just sit there thinking “I wish there was a knitting group here in this town that I could join”. If you haven’t found one then start your own. After all there isn’t much to it – anyone could start it up – so why not you?

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My Report on how you can organise your own knitting group


Organising Knitting Groups

A Guide to starting up a business for anyone who loves knitting and crochet.


First you will need to find a good meeting place. You may think that you can welcome people to your home but in the long term this will become a problem. You will always be pushing your family out of (probably) the best living room. You will need to be ready each time. It will be down to you to supply tea/coffee and biscuits each time. Even if you charge for this it will turn into a chore.

Choose a meeting place which is fairly central or has a good parking area.

Some community complexes such as village halls, libraries, schools and so on will rent out small rooms at a nominal sum. It is possible to obtain use of a private room in some pubs, hotels, restaurants so long as you choose a quiet time.

If the venue you choose charges a hiring fee, see if you can get the use for a number of times for free while you collect members.


Whatever time or day you choose, there will be people who cannot make it. If you are setting it up and running the group then have a time that suits you.

When you finally settle on time then stick to it for at least six months. At this point you will have a decent size group (or not). If then you want to change then begin another time without giving up the first. See what happens. You will either have two sessions or you will gradually swap over to the new time.


Work out a little programme for yourself. Nothing elaborate. Just an outline to give the session form. Example:

Open time Greeting Introduction of new people Short talk and discussion on chosen topic Refreshments General chat about people and their projects Clear up and goodbye

You won’t need very much. Just enough to ease people into being sociable with their craft.


Now is the time to get the word out. Obviously, you will have been asking around amongst your friends to see if any are interested. Gather those who will help. Especially those who would like to look after refreshments, the arranging of chairs, clearing up and so on.

Not all your friends and acquaintances will be interested because they don’t make things. Don’t worry. Advertise yourself around town in other ways.

If you knit or crochet you visit your local wool shops, don’t you? Let the owners know what you are doing. Get them to put up posters and tell their customers. Tell them that when you get going you will be pleased to welcome them along to give a little talk. This will probably be advertising on their part but that’s fine.

Your hairdresser will come into contact with lots of people who knit. So tell them what you are doing and perhaps leave them some flyers for their clients.

Put up posters around town – in places where they are permitted.

Once you have a few people you will find that these will bring along others.

Don’t forget to list your group here in the directory – it’s FREE.

What are you waiting for?

You will notice that you need pay for nothing out of your own pocket. So just get on and do it. In this life, if you want something you need to fix it yourself.

Now you can use my step by step guide to ensure your success:  Organising Knitting Groups

May you have many happy meetings.

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