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Tunisian Crochet

Tunisian Crochet is also called Afghan Crochet stitch

It appears very much like knitting with a good dense finish which gives warmth. It also appears to the untrained eye to be like knitting whilst it is being done because stitches are spread along a needle. However, there is only one needle and this has a hook at one end and a stopper at the other.

Watch the following video to understand how Tunisian crochet is done:

Here are a few free Tunisian crochet patterns for you to try out your new skill:

Kindle Kozy

Sultry Crochet Scarf

Tunisian Color Block Throw

Tunisian Resolution Scarf

You will need special Tunisian crochet hooks or Afghan crochet hooks for any of these projects – take a look at some of them shown below:

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