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Stitch Patterns

Once you have grasped the basic crochet stitches you may wish to try something a little more fancy.   All of the following have been recorded by Theresa, aka the Crochet Geek

Pineapple Pattern

This is a demonstration swatch to assist along with pineapple crochet patterns. The purpose is to give an understanding of how the pattern is done. It is not meant as a pattern of any sort. I am using a 4-ply RedHeart Acrylic in the demonstration.

Picot Stitch Edging

This is the style that is often asked for on both crochet and knitting patterns

Picot Edging

This is another picot edging variation that Theresa brings to us

Crochet Shell

Quite a common stitch grouping which can be used through a piece of work or as an edging.

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