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How to Crochet

Here we are gathering information from around the internet which will be of help to you whether beginner or advanced

We start with a superb set of videos produced for beginners by Beth who lives in Texas. Most who come to this website will be in the UK and so the size of hooks and the thickness of yarns will not be familiar. Just go look at conversion tables to check up on this. The videos are too good to pass up on just because of difference in sizing and names of stitches used.

On this page you will find five lessons which show how to make the basic Granny Square. This is a useful place to start mainly because within a very short time a whole piece can be produced. From this all other crochet work can proceed.

Lesson One

This is for very new beginners. Watch these videos through a couple of times before picking up your yarn & hook. Then while you are working the stitches, pause the video so you don’t miss anything.

Lesson Two

How to make the First round of a Granny square. Double crochet, and corner chains.

Lesson Three

Round 2 two of a Granny square. Continued from previous videos.

Lesson Four

The long-awaited fourth video on how to crochet a granny Square. Round 3!

Lesson Five

This will show my method of how to draw in and secure the yarn ends when you finish your granny square.

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