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Granny Squares

Always on the look out for granny square designs? So am I.

Straightforward, basic squares are fine – they are just as warm when made up into a blanket, for instance. It’s good, though, to be able to produce something much more individual. Although producing square after square in a mindless stream can be useful I like to keep my mind alert by having to think a little bit.

These are free patterns that I have tracked down across the internet. Do enjoy using them. If you like them you could always say thank you.

Ongoing reminder: Most patterns come with US notation.

3-D granny

A mber’s Heart Square

Basic Granny Squares

Basic Rectangle

Big Circle

Camping out

Center Cross Square

Chain Link Sampler



Cluster Flower

Cool Corners

Country Button Square

County Fair

Daisy Square

Elephant Square

Eliot Square

Farmington Square


Flower in the Window

Flower Rount Count Square

Flower Squares

Football Shape Center

Forget-me-not Afghan Motif Square

Framed Afghan Square

Friendship Jewel

Grannies Babies 

Granny Flower Square

Granny Spike Stitch

Granny Square

Harvest Square

Hex Sign Square

Holliday Squares

Hooks and Crannies


Jackalope Square 

Jackie’s Heart Granny Square

Jubilee Square

Julia’s Flower Square

Julie’s Granny Square

Julie’s Sunflower Square

Jungle Square 

Jupiter Square 

Just Peachy Blossom Square 

Kingfield Square 

Lacy Diamond Square 

Lady’s Rose Square 

Little Dahlia Square 

Little Flower Square 

Love and Honor Square 

Luisa Square 

Maggie’s Square

Manly Granny Square

March Square 

Mars Square 

Mary’s Flower Granny Square

May Flower Square

Mercury Square 

Mint Delight Square 

Moon Square 

Mum Square

Never-Ending Granny

Newport Square

New Portland Square

North Star Square 

Off The Top Of My Head Square

Open Cross Square 

Open Treble Puff Heart Square

Origami Granny Square 

Orion Square 

Palm Tree Square

Patty’s Square 

Peek-A-Boo Shells Square 

Petal Puffs Motif 

Phoebe Square 

Picot Flower Afghan Square 

Picot of the Day Square 

Pineapple Sun Square

Pinky Dream Square 

Pinwheel Square 

Pluto Square

Poinsettia in the Snow Holiday Square 

Popcorn Flower Square 

Pretty Flower

Pretty Spaces Square 

Puff Flower Square

Puff Granny Square

Puff Stitch Heart Square 

Puffy Square

Purple Passion Heart Square

Purple Power Sampler Square 

Quick and Simple Square

Shell Stitch Square

Shells Around Square

Simple Wish Square

Single Dragonfly Square

Sirio Square

Skull Granny Square

Smiley Face Square

Smiley Granny Square

Smoke Rings Square

Snow Flower Square

Snowflake Breeze Square

Snowflake Lace Square

Somewhat Girly Camo Square 

Spider in the Barn Square 

Star Filet Stitch Practice Square 

Stip Step Square

Stratton Square

Sweet Dreams Square

Sunshine Jewel

Sweet Dreams


Wild Granny Square

Winter Jewels Square