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Buttons, frog closures and other fastenings can all be used for practical purposes and also to enhance each individual item that you produce. However, such attachments can be pretty pricey and add a great deal to the cost of your projects. Why not choose to make them yourself? Once you get the idea you will not only save on expenses but have a finish completely chosen by you.

Once you have learned what you can do you will find that not only can you attach them to your own projects but you will be able to sell to eager customers once they know what you do.

I’ve hunted around for free patterns for you to use. I haven’t found that many just yet but I’m sure more will turn up in the future. You could help with this by suggesting sources on the form below.

Crochet covered button

How to Make Crocheted Buttons

How to Make a Knot Crochet Button

Crochet Buttons - Tutorial

Easy Buttons


Mariella Frog Closure

Making Decorative Frogs

Do You Frog?

Frog Tutorial

Frog Closure - how to

How to Make a Crocheted Cord


 Use this form to contact me with your own how-to or the URL of instructions you have found on the internet and feel may be useful to share with others. Thank you.

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