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Crochet Motifs

If you thought that crochet motifs were all about granny squares then this list will be an eye opener for you. There are magnificent shapes with beautiful stitches in glorious colours for you to try out. Many of these will leave you wondering just where to begin.

Don’t forget – if you use any of these for your projects, do let us know and show us photos, please.  Contact Form

3-D Flower Granny Square

5 Sided Pentagon Granny Square

6 Sided Boxed Motif – Looks like a star

9 Patch Square

18 Irish Crochet Motifs in Charted Form – Smart Knitting-Crocheting.com

Altair Granny Square

Arched Square

Carousel Square – Afghan Stitch

Celtic Square

Chimney Squares

Cluster Flower Crochet Motif – About.com

Confederate Flag Square

Easy Triangle Motif

Flowerchild Square

Forget Me Not Motif

Granny Stitch Hexagon

Haze Square

Heart Motif 1

Heart 2

Hope Square Motif

Jackalope Square Motif

Leona’s Angel Square

Little Flower Motif

Little Gems Motif

Little Hexagon Motif

Log Cabin Square

Knobby Granny Square

Mini Cable Hexagon Motif

Motif in White

Multi-Color Three Tier Motif – About.com

Pineapple Square Motif – Vintage

Puff Diamond Hexagon

Rectangle Granny Square

Roman Stripes

Scallops Coaster

Scrap Savers Hexagon

Shells and Loops Large Hexagon

Smoke Rings Square

Spiral Center Hexagon Motif

Spiral Illusion Motif

Spool in a Square Motif

Star Motif

Sunrise Motif – Speckless

Sunrays Motif

Torch Flower Motif – Panda Crochet

Valentine Coaster Motif

Victorian Motif – Crochet Galore

Wagon Wheel Motif

Water Lily Motif – Talking Crochet

Wheel Granny Square – Patty’s Filet and Crocheting

Windmill Square