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Baby Booties

These are always welcome to cover those tiny toes.

Baby Foot Sizes

These are, of course, very approximate. Just as with grown people, foot size varies between those of the same weight.

With all newborn to three month babies, any item of clothing tends to be too big.  Also babies grow so quickly that something which is an exact fit will not be in use for long.

Whichever patterns you use will also vary depending on the yarn that you choose and your personal working tension.

Foot Length – for Premature and Average Newborns

Up to 2 lbsUp to 1 kilo1" - 1.3/4"2.1/2-4 cms
2 - 3 lbs1 - 1.3 kilo2" -2.1/2"4 - 5 cms
3 - 5 lbs1.3 - 2.25 kilo2.1/2" - 3"5 - 7 cms
5 - 7 lbs2.25 - 3.2 kilo3" - 3.1/2"7 - 9 cms
7 - 9 lbs3.2 - 4 kilo3.1/4" - 3.3/4"9 - 10 cms

After this the sizing is by age in months and by this time you will know whether you are dealing with a baby with tiny feet or one with large feet.

Free Baby Booties Patterns

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