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Afghans, Throws, Blankets


Afghans, throws and blankets are projects that everyone who crochets embark upon at some time. Some make just the one and others get the bug and produce them for everyone they know and go on to making them for their favourite charities.

Here you will see a list of links to free patterns for crochet afghans, throws and blankets. I decided to collect as many as I could from around the internet so that we would all have a lot of choice. However, I didn’t realise how many different designs there are out there. So far I believe I have gathered more than anyone could tackle in a lifetime!

Please note that the majority of these patterns are written with US notation. Check before you start. Then  either learn to read US or convert the whole intended pattern to UK before beginning.

Have fun choosing just the right design and enjoy making it. When you have finished your project I hope you will show us what it looks like and you can tell us just how difficult/easy you found it and maybe how you decided to change suggested colours and so on.


 Somerset Leaf Swirls Afghan - originally published 1917

3-Color Afghan - from Purple Kitty

Afghan with Sleeves - from Fave Crafts

Circles in Octagons Throw - from Purple Kitty

Daisy and Black Eyed Susan - from About

Fan Afghan - from All Crafts

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