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Crochet for Babies

Crochet for babies is so rewarding – so quickly. We always imagine the little newcomers to be lying there in pretty, lacy clothing and coverings. Although the individual items can look intricate they are quite often very simple to produce.

There are very few stitches to learn in crochet. Once you have these mastered then the instructions that come with patterns a easily followed. The “new” stitches are really only built upon what you already know.

Choosing the Yarn

First things first. When you are choosing the yarn you are going to be using keep in mind two important points:

  • Make sure it is kind to sensitive skins – there are yarns which are especially made for baby skin.
  • Look to see that it is easily washable – all babies tend to dribble and puke as well as have nappy accidents and will go through quite a few sets of clothes which will need to be washed and dried quickly. This means being able to use washing machines and tumble dryers.

Choosing the Colour

Next comes colour. Now some people like to see their newborns in white. All fresh, clean and pure. Some like baby girls in all pink and baby boys in all blue. These days, of course, this is easier in that many know the sex of the baby for months before the birth. There are other people who love to see babies in very strong colours.  So if you are going to be working on a project for someone in the family or a friend then make sure you understand the parents’ preferences before you begin. If you are producing for charity or craft fair then the choice is yours.

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Choosing the Fastenings

Most clothing will need to be fastened in some way in order to keep it wrapped around the baby. There are safety factors to be aware of here. If you are using buttons you will find that you need a small size so that the garment and fastenings are in proportion. We love things to look right. However, tiny buttons are easy to choke on if they get into baby’s throat. So buttons must be extremely well sewn on making sure that baby cannot pull them off into his mouth.

You might like to think about other types of fastenings. Straight forward ties can look very pleasing and present no danger.

Or you might want to be a little more adventurous and fasten with frogs if the garment lends itself to such attachments. If you buy ready made frogs you will find them quite expensive – possibly costing more than the yarn you use for the whole of the rest of the garment. Don’t despair! It is possible to make them for yourself. You can produce the cord with yarn and crochet hook and then create a pleasing pattern for your frog. Have a look at the links on the Fastenings page on this site.

Choosing to Add Appliques

Appliques are a great way to bring a more individual creation to life. They can be purchased but again you could produce your own. Your own appliqué can reflect something that has meaning for you or the baby’s parents. This is a great way of personalizing your work. Have a look through the links on the Applique page to get some ideas

Now go ahead and make those delightful little things – and enjoy.


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