YARN today Crochet Pages

Crochet Tip – No 26

If you give your products away as gifts or you sell them make sure that you include a note on how to care for them. Copy this from the wrapper or band taken from the yarn.

Share with us those little things you have learned about crochet that make it easier or give [...]

Crochet Tip – No 25

When weaving in the loose ends always work on a diagonal line.

Why? because yarn that is woven across or up/down will often pull back as the item is stretched.

It can end up by being pulled out or presenting loops which can be snagged.

Share your crochet tips. [...]

Crochet Tip – No 24

I find that expensive craft bags are too small for my needs. I use sports bags. These are robust and have outside pockets to hold bits and pieces.

They are big enough to hold quite large projects plus everything else associated with the work.

Within this I have a [...]

Crochet Tip – No 23

If you produce squares you need to store them until you are ready to join them together. Keep them in the resealable freezer bags.

This is also a good way of keeping the same designs/colours together.

Also have a label with them noting the number. You will find that [...]

Crochet Tip – No 22

If you have a lot of crochet work to be taken care of keep a travel project.

Have a work bag with everything you need to produce an item. This is not your usual in progress project. This is a bag ready for you to pick up and take with you. [...]

Crochet Tip – No 21

Make sure that you use the same crochet hook throughout the work. That doesn’t just mean same size. Like everything else, different manufacturers tend to vary the sizes slightly.

The exact shape can also vary which will lead to you using it in a slightly different manner.

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Crochet Tip – No 20

When starting a new piece of work, write down what size you are doing and the size of the hook you are using.

I add information as I go along. This helps to remember if you lay aside the project for a while. It also helps the next time you make [...]

Crochet Tip – No 19

Yarn Storage

I keep my left over yarn in storage boxes. I divide it into types and then into colours. Then I can easily find what I am looking for.

Within the boxes I keep the yarn in freezer bags. These enable me to see what there is without the need [...]

Crochet Tip – No 18

How do you keep your yarn clean and tangle free whilst you are working?

One trick that I have come across is to get a large plastic fizzy drink bottle – make sure that it is thoroughly cleaned and dried. Cut the bottom off at a place a little way up [...]

Crochet Tip – No 17

If you work on projects for other people make sure that you keep a special notebook. Never leave it to memory.

Write down the name of the person, the item to be produced, which pattern you will be using, the quality and colour of the yarn if you are sourcing, the [...]