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Welcome to Crochet

Welcome to the Crochet section of YARN today.

Crochet has to be the most simple craft to learn. There are very few basic stitches and yet the items produced can look so intricate and beautiful. All manner of articles can be made from the chunky and masculine look to the fragile, lacy items for babies. All manner of accessories and household soft furnishings can be made as well as a whole range of clothing for everyone in the family.

Crochet pieces grow so quickly that they keep the interest of those who these days are used to having everything at the drop of a hat. The work is also easy to pick up and put down because there is only ever one stitch on the hook. Even if a mistake is made it is easy to rectify because it is also simple to undo and pick up wherever necessary.

Not much is needed by way of equipment and supplies. Just a hook and some yarn and off you go. There are only four basic stitches that need to be learned to be able to produce an item.

If you are a beginner then look through this website – we have articles, videos, definitions and instructions – and there’s more to come. If you are more advanced we are going to have pages to interest you too.

This is going to be all about the things that can be done with crochet. It will, however, take a while to build it to a stage where it will be of indispensable proportions. In this you can help. We will be very pleased to receive any tips, advice, patterns and instructions. These can be as written articles or videos. Just send them in and if possible we will use them on the site.

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