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Stepping Stones Nigeria

A Children’s Rights Charity for children living in the Niger Delta. The charity is concerned with four areas of children’s lives but the area we are looking at here is a Read and Write initiative. There is a lack of equipment to  back up this ambitious project and much of the work is done using particular hand puppets.

The puppets needed are hand knitted characters called Inky (a mouse), Snake and Bee. These have become well loved by the young children, who have very few toys. The patterns for these puppets can be requested HERE

Charity Website

If you are the organiser of this charity, please check out this page and then add to it or indeed ask for it to be re-arranged to include what you would like to see. We must ask though that you concentrate on what is required from knitters and crocheters and not list other types of fund raising here. People can go to your website if they wish to become more involved. Just use the form below and we shall make every effort to produce a page to your liking – there is no charge as we would not dream of taking any of the money raised for your charity.

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If you knit or crochet for charity please let us know about it. What do you make? How many have you made? Do you work alone or with a group? Which charity, or charities, have you helped in this way? In fact everything about you and why you do this along with photos.

Yarn Today is not responsible for information given. If you are interested in this charity and how you can become involved please see their website for details.