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I’ve just come across a charity you might like to give some thought to

Lisa’s Stars

This is an organisation which produces specialised clothing and covers for premature babies. All the items are donated to hospitals and there is a superb set up that gets them right into the hospitals.

No one who is expecting a baby is prepared for a premature birth so there is nothing ready for the baby to wear. Everything that is to hand or in the shops is much too large for these little mites. Specially produced and sized hats and wraps help both the baby and the parents. The baby is kept snug and warm and the parents feel that their offspring is covered with love.

If you would like to be involved in this work visit the website and you will find patterns for everything that is most needed and also directions as to how to get it into your local maternity department. You don’t need to approach anyone there are reps who have undertaken to gather up the offerings and take them to the hospitals.

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