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Welcome to YARN today

As you can see – this is a work in progress as far as setting up goes. Hopefully it will always be growing. A good place to be is a place that is always expanding and evolving. Send in your ideas if you wish to be part of the project.

Eventually, sooner rather than later, this site will contain information and ideas on all things to do with yarn and what people are doing with it at the present time.

The areas included will be the following:

  • Knitting – whether you are a beginner or a more experienced knitter there will be pages of interest to you.
  • Crochet – again for experienced or beginner. This is often seen as an off shoot or poor relation of knitting. Here we hope to enable crochet to grow in stature.
  • Spinning and Weaving – will show more ways of producing items using yarn but starting further back this time with the actual production of the yarn to be used.
  • Rug Making – Great for producing the individual items in the home. Rug makers help to keep the home cosy with their interesting designs.
  • Tapestry – for those among you who love to produce artistic displays with the careful use of yarn.

Directories are being built which will assist everyone in the UK who enjoys working with yarn. These Directories cover the two main areas that most people working with yarn today require:

  • Wool Shops – all yarn crafts need the right place to purchase supplies of yarn. These days it is getting more and more difficult to find good shops in all towns. They are often in streets or walkways off the main shopping centres and high streets so it is absolutely necessary to get them listed for those who need them to be able to find them.
  • Clubs – Knitting Circles, Crochet Guilds, Spin and Weave Groups – call them what you will – these gatherings need listing if they are to maintain membership levels. Get your Knitting Group listed.

At a later date there will also be a community area where discussion can take place. This will only happen when enough people make their presence felt by commenting on the posts.

So keep returning to YARN today to see how things are progressing.

PLEASE NOTE:  YARN today is an independent website. It is not connected in any way to any organisation, commercial or otherwise. The views expressed are those of individual writers.